Yellow everlastings and Helichrysums (Print on linen)


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Title:          Yellow everlastings and Helichrysums

Medium:         Wall hanging / Throw/ Tablecloth:  Fynbos artwork printed on natural Linen

Size:                 1700x2000mm

Edition:           10

(The main photo is the full picture of the wall hanging in a room. Furniture and fittings are not included in the price. The second image is the original oil painting)

Note:  The printing of this piece is done on demand and a lead time of three weeks is required for printing and seaming.  

Artist's Thoughts

This linen print is 1700x2000mm in size and is a print from my oil painting, Yellow everlastings and Helichrysums, 2022.
The word Helichrysum is derived from the Greek word “helios” (the sun) and “Chryson” (golden). Two common names for Helichrysum are Everlasting and Immortelle in reference to the flowers lasting (almost) forever when dried. The Everlastings I had in mind when making this painting, was pink in colour, but I changed it into yellow / golden. The word Helichrysums I used here, refers to the interesting type of leaves of the plant. I love Everlasting Helichrysums!