One with nature 2


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Title: One with nature 2
Medium: Monoprint collage on water colour paper
Size: 300 x 300mm

Artist's Thoughts

One with nature,  is a series of small collages that I created in January 2022, where I incorporated human silhouettes and fynbos plants in circular designs.

Actual fynbos plants were used and printed onto paper, using my home-made jelly slab and printing inks.  I then made stencils of human shapes to block out silhouettes in the mono prints.  When they were dry, I enjoyed cutting them into shapes and choosing various fynbos forms and colours as I created my compositions.  I deconstructed the existing artworks and reassembled them into something new.

Becoming one with nature is what I often do when I spend time in nature.  I lose myself to the visual inspiration, smells and sounds and I know that, on a deeper level, I am part of nature, as I am part of creation.

Human beings and nature – in harmony – becoming one – becoming absorbed.
We are connected – Human; Spirit:  One with nature.