Growth: Fynbos Everlastings


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Title: Growth: Fynbos Everlastings
Size: 600 x 600mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2021

Artist's Thoughts

When the pink Erica Manipuliflora flowers start to go off, they change into a lovely copper brown in colour. That is also the time for the bright magenta Everlasting flowers to show its splendor! In this painting I combined the old with the new…
This artwork is part of my Growth-series of paintings:
Over the last while, my art has been drawing me into a space of new freedom. I like to compare it to a ballerina who, having had to practice for many years, is ready to dance on pointe. Yet she still needs many more hours of pointe work before she is able to truly own the stage and dance freely, trusting the music to guide her.
In a similar way, I have left the ‘barre’ and moved away from life-like fynbos vegetation. Perhaps rather than away, I am venturing deeper. Observing the fynbos more keenly. Thinking and experiencing it more deeply, allowing it to move me – and my brush – differently. I find myself mixing and applying colours with greater freedom. Decisions flow more easily. My mark making is looser. I am leaning into the process.
This is how I grow. This is how fynbos continues to grow on my canvas.