Fire and Water


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Title: ‘Fire and Water’
Medium: Mixed media: Monoprint; Pen-and-Ink; Oil paint on fine art paper
Size: 700 x 590mm

Artist's Thoughts

This artwork is a mixed media work on art paper.  I started the process with a monoprint.

I love to create monoprints. This gives me the opportunity to work with actual Fynbos plants as artmaking medium. These monoprints are made by using a homemade jelly slab. I use a roller to cover the Fynbos plants with printing ink. I then arrange the plants onto the jelly slab and make prints directly onto paper, using my body as printing press. The plants sink into the jelly slab and the paper picks up the ink from the slab and the plants. I love the shapes and quiet feel of this little artwork.

In this work, I incorporating human silhouettes into fynbos settings. Man, and nature being in harmony and becoming one – becoming absorbed. I used a stencil to block out the silhouette and another stencil to create the oval shape of the works.

We are connected – Nature; Human; Spirit.

The title:  Fire and water, refers to my observations of the interaction between fire, drought, and rain on Cape fynbos.