And know

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Title: ‘And know’
Medium: Monoprint

Size (without frame): 430 x 320mm
Framed Thin solid Kiaat wood frame with glass

Artist's Thoughts

This artwork is a monoprint, using Leucadendrons (fynbos plants).

I love creating monoprints. This gives me the opportunity to work with actual fynbos plants as art making medium. These monoprints are made by using a home-made jelly slab. I use a roller to cover the fynbos plants with printing ink. I then arrange the plants on the jelly slab and make prints directly onto paper, using my body as printing press. The plants sink into the jelly slab and the paper picks up the ink from the slab and the plants. I later work over the monoprint with mixed media to enhance the work or add more detail.

While I am making art, I am always listening to the still voice within me to search deeper – to find the spiritual meaning in the subjects I love and to whisper that into my art. I weave words and visual elements into my works – often hidden to the naked eye. I trust that my artworks will whisper hope and light into the homes of their new owners.

The title is derived from Psalm 49:10: … “Be still, and know that I am God”…