After the Fire (Printed on linen) Curtains


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Title:                ‘After the Fire’ (on linen)

Medium:        Artwork printed on natural Linen.  Two curtain drops, seamed and ready to hang. Top seam is 120mm so that a thin curtain rod can be inserted to hang.

Size:                 3000 x 1400mm each

Artist's Thoughts

A selection of my art is digitally scanned and printed on natural linen to make functional articles like curtains, throws, wall hangings and tablecloths.

This artwork comments on the drought in the Cape in recent years, which caused more veld fires than usual, inspiring the title of this work: ‘New life after the Fire’.

Fynbos plants are burnt in the wildfires and it seems devastating, but we know that many fynbos seeds need the heat to open seed pods and bring forth new life in the next season. Should we as humans not also go through fire to shape our character? To flower in the new season.

I often hide words in my art. In this work I hide the words: ‘New Life’ between the flames of the Leucadendron plants.

I made the artwork by covering actual fynbos plants (Leucadendrons) with printer’s ink and using a handmade jelly slab to make a print onto paper. The process is called ‘monoprinting’.

I then enhanced the artwork with drawing ink and oil paint.

The end product was digitally scanned and printed on natural linen to make two curtain drops. When the curtain is drawn, the full image of the original work will be seen. The size of the drops are: 2400 x 1500mm each.

The product can be washed with cold water and the natural linen becomes more beautiful with time.

Note:  The printing of this piece is done on demand and a lead time of three weeks is required for printing and seaming.