Title: Struthiola (Response series)
Size: 600 x 600mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2022

Struthiola is a small fynbos shrub with sweet smelling white flowers. When the strong wind blows in Cape Town, the Struthiola flowers are blown and bent, creating interesting shapes and movement.

In this painting, I focused on the positive and negative abstract shapes the fynbos plants create. I used loose brush strokes to create the feeling of the strong Cape wind over this indigenous shrub.

This work is part of my “Response series”.

“Response” is a series of oil paintings created from a place of abundance and deep gratitude.  The lyrics of the song “Gratitude”, by Brandon Lake, resonate with me: “I’ve got one response, I’ve got just one move…”. 

I have but one response to abundance and goodness – and that is a thankful life.
Every brush stroke comes from within and is intuitively applied to the canvas as an act of thankfulness. Each artwork an anthem of praise. I find pleasure in expressing my gratitude in this way.  

As the fynbos in creation brings praise to its Creator by being what it is: plants that grow, flower, and flourish in all conditions – so I will bring praise by being who I am created to be: an artist. 

My art is my gratitude.