Abundance: Pincushions

Title: Pincushion Abundance
Size: 1100 x 1100mm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2020
Video showing the progress of the painting from beginning to end.

Pincushions must be my favourite flower to paint or draw. The flower petals are so unlike any other! Their warm colours vary from red to orange to yellow; proclaiming the promise that Summer is on its way.

I worked on this painting for 6 weeks and photographed it as I went along.  The video shows the progress of the work:  Starting on a bright, oil under painting; drawing the composition in grey and then building the colours up from the darkest to the lightest and brightest. 

My aim was to show the abundance of nature after such good rains in this year (2020) of contrasting uncertainty and trouble.  May this work bring hope and light where it is seen.

Holding the painting up to see its scale.