Lion’s Ear Fynbos (Pause series)

Title: Lion’s Ear Fynbos (Pause series)
Size: 1100x 1100mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2022

Leonoti leonurus is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and part of the mint family. It is commonly known as Lion’s Ear, referring to the fringed or hairy upper lip of each velvety flower, which resembles a lions’ ear. Blooms are placed in abundant whorls along the stems of the plant, reminding me of explosions or fireworks. The base of the flowers is filled with sweet nectar, attracting bees, moths butterflies, and sunbirds.

These plants grow happily along contour path around Lion’s Head.

I love the word play of Lion’s ear growing on Lion’s head! When considering this on a deeper level, I feel close to the Lion of Juda when walking on this Capetonian mountain route – contemplating “gehoorsaamheid” (an Afrikaans word referring to hearing and listening) meaning obedience.

This artwork is part of my “Pause series” of paintings:

Pause: To interrupt an activity temporarily before continuing.

To make a brief stop of delay.

To Take a break, wait, …

This is where I am at in my journey as an artist in the first part of 2023.  Pause to me, does not mean that I stopped creating! On the contrary – I am working on new artworks daily.  To me, Pause mean to take a break before I continue without changing direction.  Pause to listen. Pause to see.

I am not sure where this year will take me, but I will keep on spending time in nature, painting God’s creation and follow where He leads.