King Protea with Everlastings (Transition series) 1100x1100mm

Title: King Protea with Everlastings (Transition series)
Size: 1100 x 1100mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2024

The King Protea is the most spectacular fynbos flower and the national flower of South Africa. In this painting, I combined the King with some cream-coloured Everlastings, Pink Erica and a variety of Restios.

This artwork is part of my “Transition” series:


As the year 2023 comes to an end and the year 2024 begins, I find myself thinking about change.  Some things stay the same, but mostly, I’ve learnt, that the world is constantly shifting, and change is inevitable.  Change asks for adaptability. 

In this time, my father (a beautiful and loving, almost 81-year-old man), became very ill.  Our family and my mother suddenly found ourselves in a completely new and unexpected realm – having to deal with illness, medical care and depending on other people for support.  We find ourselves in a transition period – adapting to the daily changing environment of health, sickness, and old age. Also, setbacks and hope. We know that change is inevitable.

There are parallels between us as humans and nature.  The Cape Floral Kingdom is constantly changing through the year – season by season.  The fynbos plants need to adapt to the changing weather conditions and adapt after summer wildfires.  It has been adapting and changing for many years and is now robust, strong plants, able to grow in poor soil, withstand the harsh African sun, the strong Cape winds, the intermitted rainfall and has adapted to survive (most) wildfires. The southern coast of Africa is a challenging place!

And then in early March, 2024, my father made the transition from the earthly to heavenly.  And us, as family and loved ones, need to make a transition without him.

I am thankful that in this personal transition period, we can depend on our Maker and Keeper of all things who is in control.  The One who cares for nature, also cares for us as humans.  Through change.  In transition…