Cape Fynbos Pincusion Proteas (Pause series)

Title: Cape Fynbos Pincushion Proteas (Pause series)
Size: 1100x1100mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2023

I often paint Pincushion flowers (Protea Leucospermum). They are some of my favourite Protea flowers. I love the interesting shapes of the flower clusters, resembling pincushions. I love the variations of colour from bright yellow, through oranges to deep reds.

In this painting, I combined the proteas with Helichrysum leaves. The grey Helichrysums create movement in the painting. The Pincushion flowers are Leucospermum Cordifolium in deep pink and orange shades.

This artwork is part of my “Pause series” of paintings:

Pause:  To interrupt an activity temporarily before continuing.

To make a brief stop of delay.

To Take a break, wait, …

This is where I am at in my journey as an artist in the early months of 2023.  Pause to me, does not mean that I stopped creating! On the contrary – I am working on new artworks daily.  To me, Pause mean to take a break before I continue without changing direction.  Pause to listen. Pause to see.

I am not sure where this year will take me, but I will keep on spending time in nature, painting God’s creation and follow where He leads.