Aristea and Everlastings

Title: Aristea and Everlastings (Response series)
Size: 800 x 800mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2021

During Spring and Summer in Cape Town, the tall, bright blue Aristea Capitata flowers adorn the road along Lion’s Head (Table Mountain). And then they disappear again for a full year until it’s time to push from the bulbs again next year. In this painting, I combined these lovely Aristeas with some Everlastings. Oh, how I love Fynbos!

This work is part of my “Response series”.

“Response” is a series of oil paintings created from a place of abundance and deep gratitude.  The lyrics of the song “Gratitude”, by Brandon Lake, resonate with me: “I’ve got one response, I’ve got just one move…”. 

I have but one response to abundance and goodness – and that is a thankful life.
Every brush stroke comes from within and is intuitively applied to the canvas as an act of thankfulness. Each artwork an anthem of praise. I find pleasure in expressing my gratitude in this way.  

As the fynbos in creation brings praise to its Creator by being what it is: plants that grow, flower, and flourish in all conditions – so I will bring praise by being who I am created to be: an artist. 

My art is my gratitude.