Aloe (Reconstructed)

Title: ‘Reconstructed Aloe: The parched land will be glad’
(‘Die dor land sal jubel’)
Medium: Mixed-media collage (pen and ink; oil paint; embroidery)
Size: 1520x800mm
Year: 2017

In 2017, I made a large Aloe artwork for clients in Pretoria. The work was transported by plane and taken to my clients’ framer who used glue on the work and destroyed it by doing so – the entire artwork buckled! My clients were devastated – and so was I. I made a new artwork for them to replace the one they lost.

I later received the damaged work back. On closer inspection, I realized that the major damage was to the edges of the work and that I could still save my drawing.  So, I meticulously disassembled the work and transferred it onto new water colour paper. I used drawing ink to link the original drawing to the new paper and silk yarn to stich paper onto paper.

The process:

This is what God does with us as humans: restoring our broken pieces and creating beauty from ashes… 

Framed artwork