Abundance: Chincherinchees

Abundance: Chincherinchees
Title: Abundance: Chincherinchees
Medium: Oil paint on stretched canvas
Size: 1100 x 1100mm
Year: 2021

The Chincherinchee fynbos flower is a bulbous flower that is endemic to the Cape province of South Africa.  The name of the flower is a translation of the Afrikaans name for the species:  tjienkerientjie, which refers to the sound made by the smooth stalks rubbing together in the wind.  The flowers have a strong, sweet fragrance.  They bloom in Summer and I see them often when I walk on Table Mountain – especially on the lower slopes of Lion’s Head. 

This series of oil paintings, (started in the 2020 Lockdown) stand in stark contrast to the tense times that we find ourselves in – with many challenges and restrictions. In these paintings, I celebrate Spring and Summer in Cape Town.

I chose themes for my artworks such as ‘Overflow’ and ‘Abundance’ to bring pleasure, colour, hope and freedom into our lives.

 I used fynbos plants as my inspiration but deviated from the original colours and shapes early in my creative process, as I wanted to portray freedom in my mark making with vibrant colours and strong contrasts.

My aim was to show the abundance of nature after such good rains in 2020 – with a thankful heart. I want the ‘Abundance’ of the subject matter to ‘Overflow’ off the canvas – just as provision and blessings overflow in my life.  May this work bring hope and light wherever it is seen.

Step-by-step process of creating this painting.