Abstract fynbos: EricaErica

Title: Abstract fynbos: Erica
Size: 800x 800mm
Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Year: 2022

I grew up in George in the Western Cape and I remember often walking in the Outeniqua mountains and admiring the tiny white and pink blooms of the Erica flowers.  We used to call it “Heide” (heather).  I still love to find them in the mountains around Cape Town.

The erica plant’s branches are liberally covered with fine, upward-pointing, needle-like leaves giving it a ‘soft fynbos’ textural effect. Tiny, urn-shaped flowers are produced in groups of four at the ends of the branches.

In this painting, I used very loose brush strokes to create an abstract, moving effect to bring tribute to these lovely fynbos plants.