Overflow III

Work in progress (before seeing the fabric samples!)

Overflow III

The third large canvas that I ordered just before lockdown 2020, was primed and waiting patiently for me. 

After visiting my clients who bought Overflow I and II at their house in Camps Bay where we discussed a possible third artwork for this series, I started with the next large Fynbos oil painting– this time with Pincushion flowers as focal point. 

Weeks later, another client contacted me for a large painting.  I told her that the only large work I have, is not completed yet and might be sold to the first clients – should they decide on a third painting.  She came to have a look anyway.

She brought along some fabric samples that she was planning to use in the interior design of the room in which the painting would hang.

To my surprise and delight, the colours of the fabric samples matched my artwork precisely!   (And she loved the painting).

In the meantime the first clients decided only to keep Overflow I and II. That left number III in the market.

Now – if you believe in coincidence, that would be it.  I choose to believe that every colour I mix is part of a larger plan, orchestrated by my Creator working in my life…  

These are the fabric samples that my client will use in the space where the painting will hang.