From artwork to wallpaper: a collaboration

The new year brings fresh and exciting opportunities for my artworks. International design house Cara Saven Wall Design has chosen a selection of my new oil paintings as part of their CS&Co wallpaper range. This means you can now order my artworks as seamless wallpaper to be professionally installed in almost any size and in the highest quality by Cara Saven Wall Design.

“CS&Co is a collaboration between some of our favourite local artists, who we believe you should have access to when it comes to wallpaper,” says Cara Saven. “With our expertise in printing and their unique styles, it’s a collab made in wallcovering heaven. Each artwork will be “redesigned” and sized by our team to suit the size and shape of your wall.”

Cara Saven press release
These are computer generated images to create a visual showcase of my art as wallpaper:
Abundance Everlastings

Fynbos Overflow
Fynbos Overflow Leucadendron
Fynbos Overflow Watsonias
An extract from Cara Saven Wall Design website:

Artist Hermien van der Merwe is fascinated by Cape fynbos plants. Living at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, Hermien is embraced by inspiration for her work.

“To me, the essence of art is in seeing. With my eyes, I see the beauty of colours, textures and shapes in nature and I replicate this in paint and ink onto my surface. With my heart, I see deeper – and this, too, I blend into my work. My hope is that you would see my art with your eyes and that it would speak to your heart.” – Hermien van der Merwe

Painted Lady and Curry Bush Abundance
Watsonia and Scabiosa Abundance
To view my artworks on Cara Saven Wall Design website, please visit :
Three new artists in the Cara Saven Wall Design team: Nicole Sanders; Hermien van der Merwe and Nirit Saban